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The INTERNATIONAL STAR DIAMOND AWARD is the most prestigious emblem of achievement and true quality; an award many strive for, but few obtain. Members of the Academy are part of an exclusive network of professionals, within the luxury sector of hospitality industry. The Academy’s INTERNATIONAL STAR DIAMOND AWARD is the only award program that recognizes excellence on a global level. The Academy expanded the scope of recognition of the INTERNATIONAL STAR DIAMOND AWARD beyond Five/Six Star Hotels and Restaurants to include Resorts, Airlines, Cruise Lines, Spas, Golf Clubs, Destinations, Chefs and Luxury Products. This Coveted award recognizes a commitment to excellence in luxury and service. All evaluations are based primarily on exceptional service, superb facilities, ambiance, attitude, gastronomy, cleanliness and above all, hospitality.


To Search the World for the Finest Hotels, Restaurants, Corporations, Individuals and Tourism Destinations, to Award Excellence with the Prestigious Star Diamond Award Recognition

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