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Experience The Star Diamond World With Joseph D. Cinque


The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences is renowned worldwide for awarding excellence in the global travel and luxury services sector. Each year the Academy bestows its coveted International Star Diamond Award exclusively on Five and Six Star quality Hotels, Spas, Golf Courses, Restaurants, Chefs, Destinations, Airlines, Cruise lines, and Products.

This award is the most prestigious emblem of achievement and true quality in the hospitality and luxury services industries worldwide. All its recipients are deemed to be of pinnacle quality and global recognition.

The Academy was originally formed as an International Restaurant Rating Bureau in 1949 in Chicago, Illinois. Forty years later, in 1989, Cinque relocated the organization’s headquarters from Chicago to New York City, where it is still based today. The name of The Academy was changed and trademarked to The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences to include five star hotels and the luxury services sector. The breadth of the award’s recognition was also expanded globally.

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