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The INTERNATIONAL STAR DIAMOND AWARD is the most prestigious emblem of achievement and true quality; an award many strive for, but few obtain. Members of the Academy are part of an exclusive network of professionals, within the luxury sector of hospitality industry. The Academy’s INTERNATIONAL STAR DIAMOND AWARD is the only one award program that recognizes excellence in a global level. The Academy expanded the breath of recognition of the INTERNATIONAL STAR DIAMOND AWARD beyond Five Star Hotels and Restaurants to include Resorts, Airlines, Cruise Lines, Spas, Golf Clubs, Destinations, Chefs and Luxury Products. This Coveted award recognizes a commitment to excellence in luxury and service, and all evaluations are based primarily on exceptional service, superb facilities, ambiance, attitude, gastronomy, cleanliness and above all, hospitality.


To Search the World for the Finest Hotels, Restaurants, Corporations and Destinations and Reward Excellence with the Prestigious Five Diamond Award.

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  • The Academy conducts an Award Presentation Ceremony at recipient’s establishment
  • Mr. Cinque, President of the Academy, or Trustee performs presentation
  • Past Ceremonies conducted by the Academy have included Industry professionals and celebrities
  • We encourage the property to share this outstanding achievement by inviting International and local press to attend the ceremony, thus creating exposure to new markets.

AWARD: Indoor & Outdoor

  • A visual seal of approval by accredited institution
  • Handcrafted plaque, denotes quality and luxury
  • Visually captivating
  • Patrons notice plaque when prominently displayed
  • Two types of awards: OUTDOOR large fabricated brass award & INDOOR: personalized award


  • Handcrafted & Personalized
  • Portable for strategic placement


  • The establishment will be listed on the Academy’s website:
  • This listing will include a pop up page displaying full color photos
  • Direct link to establishments; own website included


  • The Academy will showcase the establishment in the International Travel Directory. The directory is published once a year.
  • The directory is available for distribution worldwide – in rooms, suites and VIP areas of member Hotels, Resorts, and Fine Dining establishments.
  • Available for direct purchase from the Academy’s website
  • The Academy distributes the directory to members of the Financial and Travel Industries


  • The annual rights to use the INTERNATIONAL STAR DIAMOND AWARD logo and the American Academy’s name as a Marketing Tool on all communication material of the establishment, such as programs, menus, invitations, stationary, etc.
  • Confirmed evidence Star Diamond Award logo has enormous strength as a marketing tool as it is recognized worldwide as an emblem of excellent achievement


  • For staff to wear
  • Motivates staff as everyone receives a part of the award
  • VIP Patrons & Clientelle


  • Past Academy ceremonies have been broadcasted worldwide by NY1, CNN, and CCTV
  • Renowned publications, such as Elite Traveler, Conde Nast, Palm Beach Society, Haute Living and Excellence International publish regular articles in their Social and editorial sections on award ceremonies and Star Diamond Award member properties
  • Creates exposure to new markets and clientele


  • Establishment may send press releases to the media, notifying them of the award received and how they were selected
  • The American Academy will publish these press releases on our website
  • The American Academy will e-mail press / events / and recent happenings of members throughout the global hospitality community


  • The Academy will provide referral service among its members on international, as well as national basis
  • Attending award ceremonies, such as the Annual Awards Presentations and Galas creates opportunities for networking with others in the hospitality industry

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